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Five Trendy Hairstyles for Women in 2019

19 Dec No Comments Todd Huotari Announcement

As 2018 draws to a close, the time has come to take a look ahead at the year of fashion that lies before us, particularly as it pertains to hair. This year saw some fascinating and stylish trends in the world of cosmetology, and while some of those trends may

Creative Hairstyles for Christmas

5 Nov No Comments Todd Huotari Announcement

The holiday season is rife with Christmas parties, church events, and family gatherings, which means women attending these festivities often are expected to sport hairstyles that are appropriate for the circumstances. At the Cutting Lounge we have a number of Christmas hairstyles for special occasions that are both creative and

Seven Half-Up/Half-Down Updos for Any Occasion

8 Oct No Comments Todd Huotari Announcement

In a general sense, updos are most often associated with formal events like weddings or dances, but the setting may call for a softer, looser style. Half-up/half-down updos are especially versatile, as they can look formal or more laid back depending on the clothing that accompanies them. Here at the

Five Low-Maintenance Hairstyles for Men

10 Sep No Comments Todd Huotari Announcement

By nature, shorter hairstyles for men and women are easier to deal with on a day-to-day basis. Anybody that ever has had long hair knows how much work goes into keeping it properly maintained, but for men in particular there are several different ways of styling shorter haircuts that are

Seven Elegant Hairstyles for Bridesmaids

13 Aug No Comments Todd Huotari Announcement

When planning women’s hair for a wedding, nothing is more important than how the bride looks, but that obviously isn’t the only head of hair that matters. Bridesmaids will end up in nearly as many pictures as the bride herself, and those ladies obviously also care a great deal what

Trendy Updos for the 2018 Wedding and Prom Seasons

9 Jul No Comments Todd Huotari Announcement

When a young woman is preparing for a school homecoming dance or prom, one of their most important desires is for their hair to look perfect. When those young women grow up, they want the same thing as brides preparing for their weddings. This summer there will be countless proms

Hairstyle Trends for the Summer of 2018

18 Jun No Comments Inquisitek Support Announcement

For most women, winter is a period of survival when it comes to styling their hair. However, as the weather grows warmer and women face the prospect of sun dresses and bathing suits, the time also comes to consider a new hairstyle. Thankfully, Cutting Lounge has professionals ready to get

Tips for Your Kid’s First Haircut

14 May No Comments Todd Huotari Announcement

As adults that have gotten their hair cut dozens of times, visiting the barber or salon is part of our routine. We know the drill, so we seat ourselves, welcome the thin nylon cape around our neck, and participate in typical hairdresser/client conversation. It is one of the easiest things

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