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By nature, shorter hairstyles for men and women are easier to deal with on a day-to-day basis. Anybody that ever has had long hair knows how much work goes into keeping it properly maintained, but for men in particular there are several different ways of styling shorter haircuts that are both low-maintenance and aesthetically pleasing. Cutting Lounge can be an ideal men’s hair salon, providing customers with precisely these types of low-maintenance styles. The following are some of our favorites:

Taper Fade

A classic taper cut is one of the most classic and low-maintenance hairstyles possible for men, as it keeps the sides and back of the hair relatively short and the top a little longer to be styled or parted. The taper fade is a little more dramatic but still a trendy, popular men’s haircut right now. Here, the stylist will cut the sides and back a little shorter, fading the hair closest near the neckline. The top, meanwhile, is left long enough for styling with gel.

Butch Cut

For people that want to go really low maintenance, the butch cut is a great way to go about doing that without completely shaving their head. This cut uses a medium-length clipper setting so the hair still looks purposefully neat and well-maintained, but it won’t require much by way of styling and doesn’t go as short as a military cut.

Ivy League Cut

Think of the Ivy League cut as a more professional, higher-end version of the simple crew cut. The top of the hair is cut short, but left long enough to allow for a part. It’s a little tighter than a classic taper and does well with men who have longer, more angular faces. A little gel can give the top of the head that “organized-but-messy” look that so many celebrities have long since perfected.

Regulation Cut

This is a very popular style at the moment, with the top left quite a bit longer, leaving up to two inches of length for styling, while the back of the hair fades until it gradually disappears into the skin. The top is left long enough to part, but the rest of the hair is so short it requires no real maintenance at all beyond shampooing. It is a professional, clean look that our customers always seem to appreciate.

Textured Styling

For men that have slightly longer, straighter hair on top, using some gel to give the hair some texture is a great way to style hair with very little effort. More often than not, people with this hairstyle can achieve perfection without the use of a brush. Skilled fingers are more than enough to get the desired look.

If you are looking for the perfect men’s barber, haircuts like these are right in the wheelhouse for the professional stylists here at Cutting Lounge. Call today to set up an appointment to get yourself a haircut that is easy to maintain while looking great. Short styles may be easier, but having the right sort of short style is important for those that want to look their best.