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When planning women’s hair for a wedding, nothing is more important than how the bride looks, but that obviously isn’t the only head of hair that matters. Bridesmaids will end up in nearly as many pictures as the bride herself, and those ladies obviously also care a great deal what they will look like on a day that important.

The following are some of the more popular hairstyles for women at weddings, any of which we could accommodate here at Cutting Lounge:


Right now, buns are incredibly popular hairstyle for a wedding party, not only among bridesmaids but among all women in their daily lives. The good news is that there are so many ways to arrange them more formally for a wedding. It’s quick and easy to put together, yet it still looks classy and sophisticated.

High Knot Chignon

This style pulls the hair to the top of the head by wrapping a ponytail around its base before fanning it out a bit and pinning it into place. It keeps hair out of the bridesmaids’ faces and off of their necks, and since it’s a more durable style it isn’t likely to come loose over the course of the night.

Swept French Twist

For a swept French Twist, stylists sweep the bulk of a bridesmaid’s hair to one side and then run a gorgeous French Twist braid down the length of the hair. While it isn’t ideal for women with shorter hair, it can look great if all your bridesmaids have longer locks with which to work. If it works for Disney’s Elsa, it can work for anybody, right?

Soft Beach Waves

Not all bridesmaid looks have to be fancy updos. Women that would rather wear their hair down—especially for an outdoor or beach wedding—will love this look. The natural-looking curls hanging over the shoulder goes great with nearly any style of dress.

Soft Knots

Many women like the look of a single knot when getting their hair done formally for weddings, but piecing together two or three soft, loose buns and fastening them in place creates a slightly less formal look without sacrificing class. It’s a lovely, free-spirited look.


For a more retro look, we recommend the cicogne, which creates an open tube that runs from one end of the crown of the head to the other. The u-shape accents the neckline and forms something of a crown around the head.

Add a Brooch

One thing that can really add a lot to a hairstyle is a gorgeous brooch, which can accentuate almost any type of look. One option is to allow bridesmaids to get whatever hairstyle they want, using the brooch as a way to tie the look together across the whole wedding party.

If you are planning a wedding and need some ideas for hairstyles for special occasions, give us a call or stop by Cutting Lounge any time. We will be happy to meet all your needs for wedding hair and ensure that your wedding party looks as beautiful and elegant as you always imagined they would be.