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When a young woman is preparing for a school homecoming dance or prom, one of their most important desires is for their hair to look perfect. When those young women grow up, they want the same thing as brides preparing for their weddings. This summer there will be countless proms and weddings across the United States, which means there are plenty of people in search of the perfect hairstyles for special occasions. Here at Cutting Lounge, our stylists are on top of the latest updo trends for 2018, so if you are looking for hairstyle ideas for a prom or wedding this summer, considering one of the following:

Textured Low Updo

One of the biggest trends in updo hairstyles for the summer of 2018 is a movement toward styles that look as though they were effortless in their preparation (even though beauty comes with the same amount of painstaking detail as any other type of updo). Textured low updos are an excellent representation of this. Very often these styles work in braids that appear loose, leaving carefully-placed wisps of hair to frame the face and give the updo some texture. Adding hair pins and headpieces can add a lot for brides, and veils are incredibly easy to work into the various twists and folds in these styles.

Relaxed Wedding Bun

Anybody who watched the Royal Wedding this year knows how lovely Meghan Markle’s hair looked as part of her classy, understated appearance, and that had everything to do with her relaxed bun. It’s a style that goes with a number of different veil styles. It works just as well for proms, however, with its wispy tendrils and low profile. One of the nice things about this particular style is that it’s just as gorgeous for people with short hair as for those with long hair, but of course extensions can aid those that want a fuller look. It is simple, formal, and beautiful, which is just about everything someone could want in a hairstyle for a wedding party.

Chic Ponytail

If you are getting married outdoors (or even if you’re just taking your prom photos outside), a ponytail would be the perfect way to keep all that hot hair off of your neck in the thick of the summer heat. The problem with ponytails typically has been that they are simply too informal, but the right stylist can set them high and add some extra curls to shape them to the contour of your neck. Another popular look is using hair to cover the rubber bands holding the ponytail in place, and adding a little ribbon or hair pin is enough to set the look apart, turning an informal ponytail into something glamorous.

Put simply, the summer of 2018 is big for braids, twists, textures, all done in a way that looks polished and chic. If you would like to arrange an appointment to get your own wedding or prom hairstyles this summer, reach out to someone at Cutting Lounge and we will get you squared away for your big day!