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For most women, winter is a period of survival when it comes to styling their hair. However, as the weather grows warmer and women face the prospect of sun dresses and bathing suits, the time also comes to consider a new hairstyle. Thankfully, Cutting Lounge has professionals ready to get you in their chair to fine tune your look for the forthcoming months.

In fact, there are a number of cute hairstyles making the rounds this summer, so if you’re thinking about doing something new, consider trying one of the following:

Spiky Pixie Cut

If you’ve seen Katy Perry at all over the course of the last several months, you know that she’s been rocking a spiky pixie cut that is low-maintenance and edgy. It also is easy to wash and style, requiring only a small amount of hair gel to pull up the rogue strands. It keeps heavy hair off your neck in the warmer months and is a trendy look at the moment, thanks in large part to Perry.

Two-Toned Blonde

Plenty of celebrities are using the warmer months to go blonde, which isn’t unique to 2018 but is something we’ve seen from the likes of Selena Gomez. Her hair specifically blends her natural color at the roots into the color itself. Blonde and silver-gray are the most popular dye colors at the moment, but keeping a touch of root dark in the first place makes the look more natural, especially as it grows out.

Midi Cut

Somewhere in between a hot head of super long hair and a completely shorn look is the midi cut, which rests somewhere around the shoulder blades as a happy medium. It’s long enough to make a pony tail, but short enough so as not to be quite so hot. As the name suggestions, it is a perfect compromise for length.

Fake Bangs

Any woman knows that bangs are a huge commitment, but stylists have discovered a way to drape hair from the back of a woman’s head over to the front so that it’s styled to create the appearance of bangs. This makes for a more youthful look on days when you’re up for sporting bangs, but it doesn’t require the same maintenance as full fringe.

Faux Perms

For whatever reason, 2018 has been the year when pop culture has grown to accept a full-blown ‘90s throwback. By using a curling iron to create tight curls, you can draw forth that early ‘90s look that so many high school girls once pined over.


After straightening your hair, apply gel from the roots and then distribute it throughout your hair. It looks like you brushed it cleanly after hopping out of the pool, which is a great, fresh look for summer. If it works for Jennifer Lopez, it could work for you, too!Of course, the professionals at the Cutting Lounge are happy to help with any of these styles or any other summer hairstyles you may be considering. The warmer months provide a great excuse to try something new, and these styles certainly would qualify as that!